Jul 242014

In a previous post I wrote about the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa and posted a number of photos of tanks and other armoured vehicles on static display.  Since then, I have been awaiting for a “Tank Saturday” where they roll by a number of restored and operational tanks and other armoured vehicles.  I am a bit of a military geek, so this was a real treat.

I truly admire the volunteers at the Ontario Regiment Museum, not only are they keeping these historic machines running, they have done a terrific job of preserving our local military history and honouring those brave souls who have fought for Canada.  This place is one of Durham County’s best kept secrets and I highly recommend a visit.

M4 A2 E8 Medium Battle Tank - Sherman

M4 A2 E8 Medium Battle Tank – Sherman

I really enjoyed seeing these lumbering machines roll by and fun was had by volunteers and spectators alike.  The summer is not over and I am looking forward to the next Tank Saturday.

I made a video of the event using my Pentax K-3.  This was actually the first time I used the K-3 to shoot video and it seems to to a decent job.  I also attached a cheap stereo boom microphone I got from Ebay since the K-3’s built in mono microphone is mediocre.

The footage was cobbled together with freeware editing software (kdenlive) for Linux.  I decided to add royalty free military music to the video.  The sound of the tanks was really cool, but it was offset by incomprehensible and distorted commentary spewing forth from a dysfunctional megaphone.  Hence the decision to smother it with music.  It was so garbled, it reminded me of that great comic scene in Jacques Tati’s classic film, Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday, where passengers at a train station are trying to decipher directions from an equally muddled public address system and it causes them to run randomly from platform to platform.

The footage was shot handheld with a heavy DA* 16-50 f2.8 lens, so expect some wobbly cam.   If anything, this first effort shows I’m still a green vidiot when it comes to video.  Make sure to watch the 720P version.  By default the wordpress youtube player shows the lo-res version.

As usual, please peruse the image gallery 🙂

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Sep 202012

Elaine and I just returned after spending 3 weeks in beautiful France.   We packed a lot in during those three weeks and we are ready for a vacation from the vacation.

I had planned on posting updates for my blog while in France.  Murphy’s law kicked in and instead I got treated to a bad hard drive and my blog went down.  So, it’s up and running and I’ll post some photos and highlights from our trip.



Jul 042012

A few flowers and bird feeder is all it takes to bring a little bit of nature into one’s backyard.  It’s a good excuse to try out my new macro lens and put that big Sigma telephoto lens to good use.  Best of all, I don’t have to go far and I can smoke a cigar and drink some wine or beer and not worry about the fuzz ruining my day.   Here’s are some photos that run from the cute to creepy.  At least I stayed sober enough to still pull focus 🙂

All photos taken with a Pentax K-5, Pentax 100mm f.28 macro and Sigma 150-500 f5-6.3 APO telephoto.

Jul 032012

What a glorious Canada Weekend, perfect weather and some good friends thrown into the mix.  Elaine and I ventured out to Queensville, Ontario to visit the homestead and farm of Terry Hardy, his wife Teri Bridgeford and their beautiful daughter Ryan.   Also present are future bacon, backribs, cutlets, chops and tenderloin.

All images taken with the Olympus E-P3.



Jan 312012

Well my blog just went live today and it’s hosted right from home on my own server.  A few late night geek sessions is all it took.  More to follow, stay tuned.