Jun 192012

2012 marks the second year that the Hamilton Airshow has returned after a 10 year hiatus.  Once again, it was a great show.  For my money, it’s the best airshow in Ontario. Compared to last year, there were less vintage World War II planes flying, but that gap was filled by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and other remarkable stunt flyers.  A rare treat was to see the world’s only flying B-29 bomber “Fifi”.

Elaine, Johan Cilliers and I had a great time.  The weather cooperated the entire day, which is a blessing in southern Ontario.  There was some haze and humidity, so many of the shots came out a bit flat.  A little bit of tweaking on the images made them usable.


Be sure to catch the Hamilton Airshow next year.



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  1. Great Picutes, I haven’t been the Hamilton Air show in years, but did manage to get to the Camp Borden Air show this year, but its right in my back yard ,lol

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