Jared the Jay, getting a bit tamer day by day

This bluejay, who we have named Jared is a frequent visitor to my backyard.  We started putting out peanuts in the last month and he comes looking for his treats every weekend morning or any day I am lucky enough to be at home.  In fact, if I’m not paying attention, he will sit on my deck and call out to me.  He won’t leave until I give him a treat.

Dropping In
Dropping In

Jays are smart birds and over time, Jared has started to develop a rapport and recognizes us.  In the last month, he has become more accustomed to our presence and will even hang around just a few feet from us on the deck, look at me with curious eyes and then fly away with his peanut and return a minute later for second, third and fourth helpings.

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He Will Be Back

Little by little, we are earning his trust and soon it will not surprise me if he eats out of my hand or at least becomes bold enough to lose his fear.  For the time being, he’s been quite the character and seems to like having his photo taken.


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