June 29 – A Day in Quebec City and fun with the Q

With just one full day to spend in Quebec City, I needed to make the most of it.  That means lots of walking, exploration, cafes, pubs and some great local beers.  The weather was shaping up to be a perfect day and the evening just a pleasant.  I was also looking forward to speaking French with the locals and people watching tourists from around the world.

Expecting Quebec City to offer up some good good photos, I brought my Olympus OMD EM-5 kit (for the serious stuff), the teeny tiny Pentax Q10 (for the fun stuff) .

The Fun and Tiny Pentax Q10
The Tiny Pentax Q10 to the Rescue

The day’s walk around Quebec was great!  I just love soaking up the sites, history and architecture of North America’s oldest city.  Wherever you go, there’s something to indulge the senses, couple that with some great street buskers, what more can you ask for?  I walked all day until sundown.  If that was not enough, I discovered some tasty Quebec beers which can be purchased in Ontario.

By the end of the day, my shoulder was sore from hauling around a camera bag full of lenses for my Olympus OMD EM-5.  After dinner, I wanted to enjoy the evening and not be burdened with camera gear.  Again, the wee little Pentax Q10 came to the rescue.  After a few glasses of wine, I just wanted to have fun and play with the Q10’s built in art filters.  My mood was such that I did not care about technical perfection and I wanted shoot for the pleasure of it.  The end result was some interesting images, but more to the point, it was just spontaneous freedom taking them.

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