March 18, 2019 – Arrival in Varadero, Cuba

My wife, Melissa, pushed me to take a much needed vacation and I am glad we did. The combination of cold weather, chronic congestion on the 401 Highway as well as many structural changed at work were beginning to take their toll. Normally my vacations consist of pushing myself to ride a motorcycle across Canada or the USA covering thousands of kilometers each week, so I was overdue for a relaxing and stress free time away. It was also a good excuse to try out my new Sony A7R II camera. We decided on a week on an all inclusive resort in Cuba.

It was my second visit to the island and her first. We arrived at our resort in Varadero just after lunch, relaxed at the bar and watched the sunset from the beach. As our flight left at 6:15 AM from Toronto, we were exhausted and called it an early night.

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