March 22, 2019 – Stars On The Beach

This was one of those rare days where I relaxed and did practically nothing other than eat, drink and lounge at the beach. The day before, we were up at dawn to head out to Havana and had a full day in the city, which will be the subject of the next post.

After dinner, Melissa and I watched a show at the resort’s stage. I was not really keen on the show as it was centered around pop music. If that was not bad enough, a posse of drunks seemed to materialize around Melissa and I wherever we went. They seemed to follow us like a plague of locusts for days. It was not long before I could no longer tolerate the pop music and drunken idiots, so I grabbed my camera and a tripod and headed out to the beach.

It was my first outing with the Sony A7RII for long exposure night photography. The conditions were not ideal — it was a full moon and light pollution from Varadero’s numerous resorts created a dull and yellow skyglow. Despite the poor lighting conditions, taking these photos was far more fun than listening to crappy music and suffering irritating drunks.

Eventually my wife grew tired and uncomfortable with the drunks and decided to join me on the beach. What a nice way to end the day.

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