March 22, 2019 – Varadero Revisted

Melissa and I could not resist another excursion to downtown Varadero.  For us, walking the streets of Varadero was more fulfilling than lounging at the resort.  I’d rather see Cubans going about their daily business than seeing fellow Canadians on vacation.  When travelling, I want to learn more about another culture and their way of life.  The unfamiliar is often far more inviting than the familiar.  We had a wonderful day walking several kilometers and soaking up as much of the town as possible.

If your not a photography geek, skip the next section and enjoy the photos.

I decided to give myself a photography challenge.  I programmed one of the creative modes on my Olympus Pen-F to simulate the look of old Kodachrome 25 slide film.  Someone on a photography forum worked out a bunch of settings for the camera’s colour wheel and tone curves to create a reasonable facsimile of that vintage slide film.  My challenge was to shoot the whole day in this mode and occasionally take a black and white shoot.  What follows are are JPG images straight from the camera.  I normally shoot RAW images, but not this time.  A few adjustments were made in Adobe Lightroom raise or lower shadows and highlights to my taste.  I must admit, I like the look of the colour images, they are different and lack the technical accuracy associated with RAW development.  The Pen-F’s black and white mode is pretty nice as well.



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