Oh Great! More Tree and Rock Shots

As I am writing this post on Nov 12, it seems that old man winter has come early this year and I am already thinking of warmer times.   On the weekend of October, 25, some friends and I were able to enjoy a beautiful fall day to visit the Mono Cliffs Provincial Park located near Orangeville, Ontario.  Pity that gorgeous fall weather did not persevere here in Southern Ontario.  Whatever happened to true seasons?

Naturally, we took our cameras and got a bunch of “standard issue” tree and rock shots.  After the amazing hustle, bustle and fun of shooting photos in Kensington Market, our quiet hike through Mono Cliffs left me with a sense of denouement.  Perhaps this is reflected in the barren trees and disappearing colors.

All photos taken with a Pentax K-3

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2 thoughts on “Oh Great! More Tree and Rock Shots”

  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely nature shots, Robert. Taking a walk through nature is always good therapy. <3

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