Jul 172016
Montreal Trip

After Melissa and I were married last May, we took a brief trip to Montreal as part of our honeymoon.   It was her visit to this city I once called home.   As for myself, I always enjoy returning to my old stomping grounds, whether on business or pleasure.  It has an old world […]

Apr 192016
Soviet Era Voskhod Rocket Tubes for Sweeter Headphone Sound

This sort of odd pairing could only happen in a post cold war world.  I am talking about replacing tubes in a British made headphone amplifier with vacuum tubes originally designed for the former Soviet military and space programme.
Resurrecting an Old X-Cans Headphone Amplifier
I was curious to see if these Soviet-era tubes would tame some of the brightness and […]

Mar 152016
YAQIN SD-CD3 Tube Buffer - Can Vacuum Tubes Improve the Sound of Digital Audio?

Excellent Analog Sound Has Set the Bar High
Thanks to a rediscovery of vinyl records, I have been listening to a lot more music.  Consequently, I upgraded my phono pre-amp to a Pro-Ject Tube Box S and purchased an audiophile quality phono cartridge, a Grado Statement Sonata 1.  Normally I would not consider such an expensive cartridge, but I […]

Jan 132016
A Visit to Zap Records in Cobourg

Vinyl records are experiencing 40% or so annual growth in sales, yet true record stores are still few and far between. Only two such stores are within a reasonable driving distance from my home: Star Records in Oshawa and Zap Records in Cobourg. Recently I published a post about my experience at Star Records who […]