Pickering Flea Market

I love going to the Pickering Flea Market, it’s quirky, multicultural and it is a world bazaar in miniature. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of Interzone from William S. Burrough’s novels. It’s just plain fun and trippy to wonder around in there.

My friend Jeff Silverman and I met there in December to do some indoor “street” photography. I decided to keep it simple using one camera and two prime lenses. My feet would do the zooming. I used an Olympus Pen-F, a mZuiko 17mm f1.8 and an mZuiko 45mm f1.8. These images are black and white shots straight out of the camera. I really like this camera’s B&W mode, it reminds me of old Kodak Tri-X black and white film.

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