Sept 19, 2012. Parting shots from the Mediterranean Sea and Farewell to France

This is my final posting from our France vacation.  It’s been a big project going through a few thousand photos, but it’s come to an end.  Now, what can I do with my spare time to keep me off the streets?

As stated in my last post, one way or the other I did not want to leave France without taking Elaine to see the Mediterranean Coastline.  One of the shop keepers in Salon-de-Provence suggested that we visit the beaches at Carry-le-Rouet.   Not only was it a public beach, it was reasonably close to our hotel near at the Marseilles Airport.  Perfect!  So off we went to spend our last few hours as tourists in France.

Finally! Made it to the Sea, clothes and all

My father was astounded that Elaine ran into the ocean fully clothed.  Then again, why ruin a great swim just because you don’t have a bathing suit?

Enjoying our last moments in the Provence Sun

Farewell France, I miss you and someday I will return.

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