Wildlife at Lynde Shores Nature Area, Whitby, Ontario

Yesterday was Mother’s day and I thought it would be nice to take my wife, Melissa, to see the animals at Lynde Shores.  As it turns out, quite a number of other people had the same idea.  When we arrived in the morning, the parking lot was overflowed and street parking was impossible due to construction.   We decided to wait it out and arrive later in the day.  This plan worked out well and we also took my step-daughter Bailey.  It was her first time visiting Lynde Shores and she loved it.  After the visit, she said it is now her favourite place in Durham.

As always, there were plenty of animals about.  By the time we arrived, they were overfed and most animals ignored our offers for peanuts and bird seed.  No matter, they are accustomed to people and there were plenty of birds and small animals hanging around the trails.


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