Jul 102017
Kensington Market Video - May 24, 2017

Further to my last post with Kensington Market street photography, I uploaded a short video to youtube.
It was shot with the Panasonic Lumix G85 in 4K/24fps.  All footage was taken handheld, “run and gun” style.  I’m still learning how to shoot video, so this was a good practice run.  There’s much room for improvement and […]

Apr 092017
Niagara Falls at Night

I took these photos back in October, 2015 when my work took me to a conference in Niagara Falls.  After dinner I grabbed my camera and a tripod to take some night photos.  Some were taken from my hotel room and others outside.  It was unusually cold and I was not quite dressed for it, […]

Nov 232016
Weekend Getaway to Blue Mountain Inn

On Nov 11 to 13, Melissa and I had a mini-vacation in Collingwood, Ontario.  We stayed gratis at the Blue Mountain Inn Ski-Resort thanks to a generous wedding gift from her brother.  Although, we were married back in May it is just now that we are taking advantage of his gift.  He also included a […]