I’ve decided to break away from the corporate confines of facebook and do things my way.  I am also somewhat troubled by all the privacy people are willing to sacrifice by posting everything about their lives on social media.  The information I choose to share with people is between them and myself.  It is not data to be harvested by corporations for targeted marketing.  I am also doing this blog for my own enjoyment at my own expense.

Primarily this blog will be used to share my photography and astrophotography as well as provide information, reviews and techniques on those subjects.

My other passions include motorcycles, especially Harley-Davidsons.  I am a long distance rider and will post entries here when I take road trips.

This blog is hosted on my own PC with my own web server.  I’m taking back control.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Rob, how are you? I met you in September in Kensington Market when me and my wife quickly interviewed you on the artist who painted the Big Fat Burrito, for the documentary I was making on him. Remember? In fact, I saw a picture of us in your Kensington Market gallery. Well, I have just finished the film and would like to send you a link for you to watch. Is this a good means to send it? Would you prefer to pass me your email? Cheers!


    1. Hello Augusto,

      Good to hear from you! It’s a small world indeed and I am glad you have connected with me through my blog. I kept your card handy and was looking at your creative projects online, I enjoyed them. I would love to see your finished documentary. I can also post a link on my website to your film if that’s ok. I will send you an email so you have my coordinates.


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