Arrival in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

To celebrate Canada Day weekend, Melissa and I decided to visit our smallest province, Prince Edward Island.  Neither of us have been to PEI and we heard good things about this little island.   We flew into Moncton, New Brunswick, the plane landed around 8 PM, we rented a jeep and drove out to Shediac, New Brunswick for an overnight stay.  The following morning, we took a quick tour of Shediac, home of the world’s biggest lobster and a number of east coast themed souvenier shops.  

World’s Biggest Lobster, Shediac New Brunswick

Shediac was getting a little too crowded with tourist traffic for our liking, so we made our way out and crossed over the 12.9 km long Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.  It is the longest bridge in Canada and longer than any I crossed previously.  

Confederation Bridge, Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick
Confederation Bridge, Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island

Upon arriving in PEI, one is struck by rugged red coloured coastlines and red soil.  There are over 1800kms of crenelated shorelines to explore.  It would take weeks to explore this province, we had three days and did our best to make the most of it.  After spending some time at Gateway Village in Borden-Carlton, we made our way on the north-west drive.  The coastal drive in PEI is easy to follow, it is well signed and the roads are free of traffic.   One is never far from the ocean, it is always in view as are the famous red soil potato fields.

We took detour from the coastal drive to visit the Air Force Heritage Park which has 3 planes on display: CP-107 Argus, CP-121/Tracker and CF-101/Voodoo.  After a relaxing stroll through the park, we got back on the coastal drive heading north. 

CP-107 Argus, Air Force Heritage Park, PEI
CP-121/Tracker, Air Force Heritage Park, PEI
CF-101/Voodoo, Air Force Heritage Park, PEI

Melissa and I are both fans of Stompin’ Tom Connors, who was born in Skinners Pond, PEI.  Tom Connors passed in 2013 and his son, Taw Connors, opened the Stompin’ Tom Centre, which is a museum, souvenir shop and a venue for various events throughout the year. 

Stompin’ Tom Centre, Skinners Pond, PEI

We planned on attending a seafood buffet and an evening concert featuring a number of Canadian country artists.  We expected dinner and show, but that was not the case.  The food was served during the afternoon and by the time we got there, most it was gone.  The concert was outdoors, the evening air was cold and the mosquitos were out in full force.  Considering the cost would be $55 per person, I suggested we bail and spend the money on a relaxing dinner at a decent restaurant.   I am glad we did, not only did we have good food and wine, we were treated to sunset scenery and a Great Blue Heron scavenging for food near the fishing boats.

Malpeque Bay Oysters
Great Blue Heron, Tignish, PEI


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