Aug 17 – Whoop-Dee-Frickin-Do! We Are In Kalamazoo!

You know one of things I like best about Toronto?  You can get the hell out of it!

Today we left on much anticipated road trip along Route 66 to Arizona.  Route 66 officially starts in Chicago, but to get there, we have to make our way through Michigan and Indiana (yawn).  So, my first post is being made here in the humourously named town of Kalamazoo, MI

Getting out of Toronto meant the usual cluster fuck of traffic, construction and bad drivers.  We finally got a repreive somewhere past Kitchener, ON.  By the time I made it to the 420 Highway past London, memories of work and Toronto were quickly fading in my rear view mirror.  Nothing but long open roads, sparse traffic and more civilized drivers.  My brain is relaxing, muscles loosening, anger dissipating, smile emerging and the zen of the road taking over.

Big Boy in Kalamazoo, MI
Big Boy in Kalamazoo, MI

Trust me, there’s not much to see in Kalamazoo.  I took only one photo going through and none coming back.  The closest thing to some roadside kitsch is the Big Boy mascot.

It’s almost midnight and I’m zonked.  Tomorrow, we will make our way through Illinois and Missouri.  I can’t want to see the Mother Road again.

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