Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads

If you recall a song by the same name as this post, guess what?  You’re probably getting old as well!  It was recorded in 1979 by Barnes and Barnes, since then it’s become something of a cult classic.  That insipid melody became an ear worm as I took these shots.

Last weekend, Missy and I hopped on the Harley to enjoy the fantastic weather and take some photos at Wilmot Creek Conservation Area.  Normally this would have been a very pleasant outing, but we were ravaged by tiny Mayflies.  In fact, we were covered by them and it literally clouded the day.  Even my camera bag was covered by hundreds of these pests.

Adding to my bug woes, I noticed that I had forgotten the base plate for my tripod and had to walk to my bike and leave it the trunk.  As it turns out, this was good fate as I needed a free hand to wave off these insects.

When we got the shores of Lake Ontario, the beach was littered with dozens of dead salmon.  I guess spawning season is done and these are the unlucky ones.

Rather than posting some typical rock, lake and tree shots, I thought it would be fun to first show these grotesque carcasses.  A kind of Edgar Allan Poe flavour compared to the Henry David Thoreau nature themed and prettier images for my next post.

All images taken with a Pentax K-3, post processing and grungifying done in Adobe Lightroom.

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