Lo-Fi Dead Zone (2 of 2)

This is second part of my stomps into a graveyard to try out some lo-fi photography.   In my previous post I spoke of the low-budget gear used and why I was tempted to try this out as a creative experiment.

Last weekend was particularly bitter damp cold and on Sunday I ventured out to a relatively obscure graveyard in Pickering, Ontario, just 15 minutes away from my home.  It has the very apropos name of Salem Church and Cemetery.  The site was originally built in the 1850’s and has, I suspect, some of the oldest graves in Durham County.  Given the lack of recent tombstones, I do not know if this graveyard is in use anymore.

True to mystique surrounding the legendary Salem name, the church and cemetery are allegedly haunted.  Personally, I do not buy into ghost stories, but I like the fact that this site has such a reputation.

According to the Paranormal Seeker’s website, “There is said to be a caretaker who haunts the grounds, and our Mediums have picked up on a gentleman inside the small church, as well as  something that doesn’t seem so nice that lurks in the dark areas.”

Get Drunk and Stare and this Photo to Locate Ghosts

Other websites make mention of apparitions at the Salem Church and Cemetery.  Again, I’m not a believer, but it’s cool to know there is such folklore so close to my home.  If anything, the accounts from people make an interesting read.



The only thing haunting me was limited time.   I had about 45 minutes of shooting before the sun started setting and my fingers went numb from the cold.

During the summer, I will try to do some full moon photography at this site and also some walk around videos.  If any ghosts or shadowy human figures appear on my images, I’ll eat crow.

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