Some very clever Macro Photography from my Brother

My Brother, Jean-Pierre Faucher, is also a shutterbug.  Yesterday he sent me some very good images he did at home with the simplest of materials and lots of imagination.  He made these photos by cutting out pictures from magazines and then he created a mini-diorama inside a shoe box.  A peep hole was cut out of the camera and the lighting came from an opening on top of the box.

From my brother:

“…photos (taken with my 5mp Pana Lumix) aimed through the peep hole that I made in the shoe box. You can see in each photo the depth of view and that I angled the camera slightly to capture more of the leopard. When you move the box side to side you got to see what was hiding in the bushes. To give the illustion of floating things like birds or butterflies, I cut them out and got clear tape and stuck them and hung them from the lid.

Files P1120607 and 608 (the last two in the series) you see the focus is way on the background and you can see the two white birds on the water buffalo and the leemurs are out of focus in the foreground.

These projects are very fun to create, and kinda fidly to setup, cut and tape or glue in a box. Choosing the right size to get perspective can be a challenge too.

The joy is that a viewer has no idea what is inside. The are handed a shoe box with translucent lid (or side windows sometimes) and are told to look through a hole  the size of a loonie in the end of the shoe box. It is only when they look inside do they see what you have made.”

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