Tanks for the Memories

I know I am going to probably burn in hell for such a grievous pun.

Every now and then you can find a hidden treasure almost at your backdoor.  A few years ago I discovered that we have an amazing collection of operational armoured vehicles and tanks at the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa, Ontario.  It is located less than a half hour away from my home in Ajax.  In addition to one of the country’s largest collections of functioning vintage tanks, the museum also serves as a monument and reminder of Canada’s long and honourable military history.  You cannot help but to feel a mixture of pride, admiration and respect for all our brave soldiers who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The museum contains an assortment of artifacts gathered from the history of military units in Ontario County (now Durham Region) in the Province of Ontario and can be traced as far back as 1837.  This collection includes uniforms, weapons, technology, medals, documents and more.  This was my second visit and we were honoured to have 90 year old World War II vet, named of Bill give us a guided tour along with another volunteer.  It was a great crash course in the regiment’s military history and as well as Canada’s major military operations.

Centurion Tank
Centurion Tank

During the summer, the museum features “Tank Saturdays” where you can see these beautifully restored and historic vehicles in operation.  I know I will be going again.  Be sure to visit their website: http://www.ontrmuseum.ca/

The Museum is located at the south field of Oshawa Municipal Airport, 1000 Stevenson Rd. N.

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