The Owners of my House

Since Nov 2012, we have added more pets to the house.  Namely two Devon Rex cats, a male called Charlie and a female named Leela.

Charlie’s skills include lying under the couch for most of his life and then producing bioweapons grade smells when he defecates.   Sudden bursts of his rare energy are used only when I enter the room and he retreats back to his condo under the couch.  He is the darker of the two new cats.

Leela is a combination of a monkey and a dog with some cat thrown in for good measure.  She is perpetually exploring the house and getting into everything.   Last night she did a perfect impersonation of Peter Seller’s famous scene in “The Party” when he unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper.   She has also become a willing accomplice to Charlie’s bioweapons.

My 17 year Amazon Parrot, Lucinda is the undisputed master of us all.

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